L.A.B. Welcomes APIC- Taiwan

February 2012

L.A.B. Equipment, Inc., is pleased to announce that APIC, Taiwan will once again be the exclusive Service and Support representative for L.A.B. Equipment in Taiwan.

APIC and L.A.B. have a long history of cooperation and once again, we are pleased to have them support our existing customers in Taiwan. APIC has many years of experience with the LAB ASII System, Drop Systems, Compression Systems and well as many L.A.B. Vibration Systems over the years.

As a result of a strategic re-alignment in Taiwan in 2005, APIC was no longer supporting and servicing the L.A.B. products. Over the years, the existing installed L.A.B. customer base grew somewhat frustrated that APIC was no longer able to support their products.

Bill and Wu Wan-Ju of L.A,B. were pleased to see the attention and interested that Anna, F.C., Daniel and Jack have in maintaining a strong and valued relationship with L.A.B.. We thank them for the effort that are extending in support of their customers and know our relationship will flourish for many years to come.

We ask that you contact APIC with any questions or concerns you have with the L.A.B products and see how APIC can support you today



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