AutoShock-II: Automated Shock Test System


The AutoShock-II ™ is a fully automated series of shock test systems used to measure and identify product fragility levels and evaluate protective packaging. With the simulation of real world shock pulses, including half sine, square wave and sawtooth pulse shapes, as well as impact energy levels, manufacturers can systematically test and optimize product design and packaging. L.A.B. Equipment, Inc.’s fully automated computer controlled shock and data analysis test systems are the critical path in accomplishing this optimization.

SD-Series: Mechanical Shock Machines


The need for products to survive various shock levels in an operating environment requires in-house testing of products during the design and evaluation stages. L.A.B. Equipment, Inc.’s SD-series of mechanical free-fall test systems produces accurate and repeatable half sine, square-wave and sawtooth pulses in accordance with military and industry specifications.

Half Sine Elastomer Kits

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Our do-it-yourself kits for Low G pulse specifications contain a number of elastomers and mounting hardware, which allow you to mix and match for a variety of pulses.

STM Shock Test Machines


The STM50 is the most popular of our flat bed shock machines offering cost effective shock testing up to 600g. This machine is suited to applications ranging from environmental testing for military standards to automobile component testing in the field of production quality control together. Test items are mounted on a 500x450mm aluminium table which can be adapted to interface with quick release platforms for minimum setup time on the production line. Table lifting is achieved by a built in pneumatic ram which is then accelerated down allowing the table to free fall. Through utilisation of timer counters coupled to high precision valves controlled by our IMPALA software, this machine generates highly repeatable shocks at a rate of up to 60/minute.