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For performance testing of products and shipping containers.

Hydraulic Vibration Components


HV Features by System

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HV-24 HV-36 HV-48 HV-60 HV 72 hv 90
Standard Table
600 mm x 600 mm
(24" x 24")
910 mm x 910 mm
(36" x 36")
1220 mm x 1220 mm
(48" x 48")
1520 mm x 1520 mm
(60" x 60")

1829mm x 1829mm (72"x72")

2286mm x 2286mm (90"x90")
1-500 Hz
1-300 Hz 1-200 Hz
Maximum Stroke
Typically the stroke is 2.5" to 4"
Actuator 5,300 - 33,000 pounds of force
One G Supports


Yes (when required)

5 GPM - 200 GPM
Hydraulic Power
Supply Size
25 - 100 HP
Required Oil
Cooling System
Water Cooled, Air Cooled Option for a Greener Application
Hydraulic Vibration Options
Test Fixture
  • Set allows easy specimen attachment to the vibration table.

Stacking Fences
  • Maintain shipping container alignment during testing.

  • Fences consist of four welded aluminum structures with slotted adjustable base plates.

Custom Systems

Available for:

  • heavier payloads

  • larger displacement or velocity

  • broader frequency range

Contoller Options
LAB will engineer a controller solution that fits your needs.

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