Hydraulic Vibration Test Systems for package and product reliability testing.

For performance testing of products and shipping containers.

L.A.B.'s Hydraulic Vibration Test Systems help you design high quality, cost-effective products and shipping containers by accurately measuring sensitivity to sine or random vibrations.  Field-Test Systems are specifically designed to meet a wide range of ASTM, DOT, ISTA, 3A, ISO and federal standards for vibration testing.  Our hydraulic hydraulic vibration test systems are ideal for a wide spectrum of testing applications ranging from sine sweep tests to the most complex data real time simulation, or random reproduction applications.

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HV 72 Onsite


HV 90 in assembly

Hydraulic Vibration Systems perform the repetitive bounce, sine sweep, resonance search and dwell, and random vibration tests that help you:

  • Design package systems that survive the distribution environment
  • Identify components susceptible to fatigue failure
  • Reduce package material costs
  • Minimize shipping damage claims
  • Cut warranty expenses



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