DAS-105 Version 4

The DAS-105 represents the latest
advancement in shock event detection technology. With a high speed, low noise hardware design, and an easy to use software based graphical interface, the DAS-105 is the perfect blend of performance and user convenience.

TestLab Professionalâ„¢ Drop/Shock v6 – USB

TLP is a Windows 8 based data acquisition system designed to complement any drop, shock, and vibration package test system. TLP provides the ability to accurately capture, analyze, and provide quantitative results of your product and package testing. TLP is critical in assessing your packaged systems performance in the distribution environment.

TestLab Professionalâ„¢ Vibration v6 – USB

Test Lab Professional (TLP ) is specifically designed to support the needs of packaging and product reliability laboratories in the management of drop, shock, impact, and vibration testing of their products, packaging materials and packages. Now with a USB 3.0 interface which enables the user to install and set up the software quickly and easily!

EDR-3 Series

The EDR-3 series is our most popular data recorder model. Our portable impact, shock and vibration logger, recorder and detector has a built-in triaxial accelerometer along with many other features including easy setup and use and can be battery powered for up to thirty days, onboard memory and more.

EDR-4 Series

The PANTHER Model EDR -4 series shock & vibration data loggers, monitors and recorders are self-contained, user-programmable acceleration sensor/recorders. The compact, 5lb. Package is designed for remote, stand-alone shock and vibration measurement and recording over extended time periods ranging from several hours to several weeks.

Shock Timer Plus 3Dv2

ShockTimer-Plus 3Dv2tm, (STP3Dv2) is a new, low cost Shock Recorder for transportation monitoring. The device can be attached to your shipment or vehicle and will record the exact time it was abused in transport and even tell the level of shock it was subjected to.

Vib Timer Plus 3Dv2

New low cost 3-axis g-rms and peak shock logger for transportation and other industrial monitoring applications. The device attaches to your shipment or machine and records g-rms vibration level information over long time periods along with exact date/time of all measurements.