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TestLab Professional™ Drop/Shock(DS)

TLP is a Windows 8 based data acquisition system designed to complement any drop, shock, and vibration package test system. TLP provides the ability to accurately capture, analyze, and provide quantitative results of your product and package testing. TLP is critical in assessing your packaged systems performance in the distribution environment.

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TestLab Professional™ Drop/Shock (DS)

  • 4-channel USB quick connect hand-held device
  • 24 Bit A /D Dual Converter
  • Samples Data at 128 times the Data Rate on all Channels Simultaneously
  • Date Rate of 50Ks/sec to 2ks/sec (adjusts automatically)
  • Amplitude resolution better than: 0.024% FS
  • TEDS (Read/Write)

TLP Operation

Fast and easy set up. Connect your accelerometer and USB cable to the hand-held acquisition device, plug the USB cable to your PC. Then add the accelerometer information to the TLP database, configure a test profile, and acquire a shock pulse. Then perform a drop with your drop or shock tester and view the acquired shock pulse.

TLP Drop/Shock Features

  • Measure and capture acceleration (g), pulse duration (ms) and velocity change (delta-V)
  • Sufficient to acquire 0.1 msec half-sine pulses with 6% theoretical error on 4 channels simultaneously
  • Input ranges: ±10V, ±5V (default), ±0.5V, ±0.05V
  • Triggering: manual or automatic (per axis or triaxial)
  • Data window: manual or automatic duration
  • Low pass data filtering: none, automatic, or user-specified cutoff frequencies
  • Auto-analyze for standard views
  • Auto-calculate change in velocity and pulse duration
  • Supports Test Protocol sequences

Package Includes the Following:

  • (1) 4-Channel Signal Acquisition Device
  • (1) TLP™ Drop/Shock v6 Software & License
  • (1) Single axis accelerometer (standard 1000g)
  • (2) Accelerometer Cables
  • 12 Months of software upgrades & technical support
  • Optional tri-axial accelerometers of your choice

Upgrade your current TLP Drop/Shock system with these features & benefits:

  • Increased sampling rate enhances short duration pulse resolution
  • Use any current laptop or PC tower with no special requirements (4 channel USB version)
  • Increase filtering levels from 0-4999 Hz to 0-99,999Hz (single channel)

For additional information or to speak with a professional, call 630-595-4288.

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