L.A.B USA is pleased to announce a partnership with IDR Corporation and JFM Inc. of South Korea


– For Immediate Release January, 2023

L.A.B Equipment Inc. is very excited to announce a partnership with two very well known and respected companies in the sales, service and support of products related to the shock, vibration, and product reliability testing field. Both of these companies and the principal managers of these organizations have well over 25 years of experience in the industry. L.A.B has worked closely with them on design and manufacturing projects as well as product promotion of the L.A.B line in South Korea. We are pleased to announce an agreement with IDR Corporation and JFM Inc. for the marketing, service and sales of the L.A.B Equipment line of products.

As the principle partners in charge of the sales and service of the L.A.B product line, IDR Corporation will work closely with Korea’s largest “chaebols” supporting L.A.B. existing customers such as Samsung, LG as well as the defense related companies of Korea. These long time L.A.B customers will be well supported by the sales and service team of IDR Corporation. The main principle of IDR, IN Park, has over 2 decades of technical and market knowledge of the L.A.B Product line as well as a great knowledge of the Korean product reliability market. Mr. Park and his team will be able to support the established L.A.B customer base while developing a new base of technology savvy customers and markets.

JFM Inc., well positioned in the service and sales of product reliability products for decades, also has the staffing and expertise to support L.A.B and IDR with a very directed and powerful marketing support program. JFM, who recently expanded its capabilities with a new engineering and manufacturing facility south of Seoul, also has successes with other USA and European partnerships throughout Korea, China and Europe; a great asset in the promotion and support of the LAB line.

“We have the utmost confidence in the leadership and the integrity of both JFM Inc. and IDR Corporation. L.A.B has had an excellent business and personal relationship with the CEOs of both companies for close to 3 decades and we look forward to much success in this partnership”- Bill Noonan International Sales Manager, L.A.B Equipment inc.

For more information on how IDR can support you,  visit http://www.idr-LAB Equipment Inc. to learn more about IDR and the L.A.B Product.

To learn more about JFM Inc, please visit https://jfm.co.kr/.


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