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IMPALA Control and Data Acquisition Software

  • Time and FFT analysis
  • 32 Bit timer/counter for precise table height control
  • 1,25 MS/s (sum sample rate), 12 Bit A/D converter
  • Integrated power source for accelerometers (ICP)

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When planning IMPALA, we set out to create some original ideas, together with useful and powerful features based on our long experience in environmental testing and data acquisition system development. We believe we have achieved this with a software that is easy to use, presenting a clear operations panel for straight forward shock testing.

The shock waveform is presented with or without the relevant acceptance region trace. Shock peak amplitude and threshold defined pulse width values are clearly displayed during testing.

ModelAS-II 24×32AS-II 36AS-II 36×42AS-II 48AS-II 48×60AS-II 60
*Table Size (W x L)61 x 81 cm (24” x 32”)91 x 91 cm (36” x 36”)91 x 107 cm (36” x 42”)122 x 122 cm (48” x 48”)122 x 152 cm (48” x 60”)152 x 152 cm (60” x 60”)
Seismic Base Weight1,700 kg2,300 kg4,050 kg5,800 kg7,000 kg8,200 kg
Nominal Specimen Weight90 kg140 kg205 kg270 kg335 kg400 kg
Maximum Specimen Weight600 kg600 kg600 kg900 kg900 kg900 kg
Machine Weight2,300 kg3,200 kg4,500 kg5,800 kg7,100 kg8,400 kg
Machine Dimensions1.22 x .86 x 2.75 m1.63 x 1.07 x 2.75 m1.63 x 1.22 x 2.75 m1.93 x 1.63 x 2.80 m1.93 x 1.63 x 2.85 m2.30 x 1.63 x 2.85 m
Pulse Duration2.0 – 65 ms2.0 – 65 ms2.0 – 60 ms3.0 – 60 ms3.0 – 60 ms3.0 – 60 ms
Max. Free Fall Velocity Change: Half-sine, Trapezoidal, Squarewave7.3 m/s7.0 m/s7.0 m/s7.0 m/s7.0 m/s7.0 m/s
Max. Accelerated Fall Velocity Change: Half-sine, Trapezoidal, Squarewave12.2 m/s11.6 m/s11.6 m/s11.6 m/s11.6 m/s11.3 m/s
Maximum Acceleration600g600g600g600g600g500g
Utility RequirementsSingle-phase and 3-phase electric power, 80 – 100 psi air utility, and a 2200 psi nitrogen supply

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