Parts & Repair

Replacement Parts

We maintain an inventory of many wearable machine components such as belts, springs and motor and we offer instruction manuals for new and older equipment. Also, available is the popular text, Fundamentals of Packaging Dynamics, 2001 Edition. Contact L.A.B. Customer Support directly for price and delivery [email protected]

Training: L.A.B.

Technicians are available to provide training on equipment operations and functions at our various manufacturing locations.  With simulation systems equipped with control and data acquisition software, such as Test Lab Professional™ , complete software advice and training is available.

On-Site Repairs

If a machine is not running properly or requires updates or repairs, L.A.B. can be there to help. Our technicians can visit your facility to perform equipment evaluations and repairs.


With the passing of time and use, older machines can become worn and lose their “recently-manufactured” appearance. Contact us for an estimate of the costs to restore the hardware and like-new appearance of your test equipment.

Payment Methods: NET 30 days for existing accounts and credit card payment are standard terms for parts and service ordered within the U.S. and Canada. Prepayment in advance is required for parts and service orders outside the U.S. and Canada unless otherwise acknowledged as acceptable in advance by L.A.B.

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