TestLab Professional™ Drop/Shock v6 – USB


TestLab Professional™ Drop/Shock v6 – USB

  • 4-channel USB quick connect hand-held device
  • 24 Bit A /D Dual Converter
  • Samples Data at 128 times the Data Rate on all Channels Simultaneously
  • Date Rate of 50Ks/sec to 2ks/sec (adjusts automatically)
  • Amplitude resolution better than: 0.024% FS
  • TEDS (Read/Write)

TLP Operation

  • Fast and easy set up. Connect your accelerometer and USB cable to the hand-held acquisition device, plug the USB cable to your PC. Then add the accelerometer information to the TLP database, configure a test profile, and acquire a shock pulse. Then perform a drop with your drop or shock tester and view the acquired shock pulse.

TestLab Professional (TLP) for Drop/ShockTLP Drop/Shock Features

  • Measure and capture acceleration (g), pulse duration (ms) and velocity change (delta-V)
  • Sufficient to acquire 0.1 msec half-sine pulses with 6% theoretical error on 4 channels simultaneously
  • Input ranges: ±10V, ±5V (default), ±0.5V, ±0.05V
  • Triggering: manual or automatic (per axis or triaxial)
  • Data window: manual or automatic duration
  • Low pass data filtering: none, automatic, or user-specified cutoff frequencies
  • Auto-analyze for standard views
  • Auto-calculate change in velocity and pulse duration
  • Supports Test Protocol sequences

Package Includes the Following:

  • (1) 4-Channel Signal Acquisition Device
  • (1) TLP™ Drop/Shock v6 Software & License
  • (1) Single axis accelerometer (standard 1000g)
  • (2) Accelerometer Cables
  • 12 Months of software upgrades & technical support
  • Optional tri-axial accelerometers of your choice

Upgrade your current TLP Drop/Shock system with these features & benefits:

  • Increased sampling rate enhances short duration pulse resolution
  • Use any current laptop or PC tower with no special requirements (4 channel USB version)
  • Increase filtering levels from 0-4999 Hz to 0-99,999Hz (single channel)