TestLab Professional™ Vibration v6 – USB


TestLab Professional™ Vibration v6 – USB

Windows Compatible Data Acquisition & Analysis System for Vibration testing applications

TestLab Professional (TLP) VibrationTLP Vibration Features

  • Data window: one second duration, updated every second
  • Low pass data filtering: none, or user-specified (discrete waveform only) cutoff frequencies
  • Multiple waveform analyses:
    All waveforms:           Peak G, Frequency
    Discrete waveform:    Peak G, Transmissibility
    Random waveform:    PSD, PSD Transmissibility
  • View raw data and analysis simultaneously

Package Includes the Following:

  • (1) 4-Channel Signal Acquisition Device
  • (1) TLP™ Vibration v5  Software & License
  • (1) Single axis accelerometer (standard 50g)
  • (2) Accelerometer Cables
  • 12 Months of software upgrades & technical support
  • Optional tri-axial accelerometers of your choice

Upgrade your current TLP Vibration system with these features & benefits:

  • Increased sampling rate enhances high frequency vibration resolution
  • Use any current laptop or PC tower with no special requirements (4 channel USB version)
  • Increase filtering levels from 0-4999 Hz to 0-99,999Hz (1 ch. discrete waveform)
  • Improved, easy-to-use user interface.