VibraTest™: Mechanical Vibration Testers


Purpose – low cost mechanical shaker for testing products and components to in-service vibration conditions between 8 to 60Hz. Maximum acceleration to 3.2G is standard, up to 10G optionally.

Standard features

  • Windows XP™ Advance Machine Control AMC+(PC not included)
  • Perform to AGREE testing requirementsVibratest™ Series Mechanical Vibration
  • Self contained, built-in air isolation system
  • Manually adjustable vibratory displacement
  • No special foundation required
  • Frequency adjustable between 8-60Hz
  • Many table sizes to choose from

Optional features

  • Insulated table top
  • Casters
  • Height Risers
  • Track
  • Diaphragm Support Brackets
  • 10 G Rating
  • Non-Standard Voltage
  • CE Compliance
  • Stainless Steel Drip Pan