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HV-Series: Hydraulic Vibration Testers

L.A.B’s Hydraulic Vibration Test Systems help you design high quality, cost-effective products and shipping containers by accurately measuring sensitivity to sine or random vibrations.  The LAB HV-Series line of hydraulic vibration test systems are ideal for a wide spectrum of testing applications ranging from sine sweep tests to the most complex real-time random simulation. L.A.B’s HV systems have the ability to replicate specific real-world dynamics acquired in the field in your controlled test environment. Our systems have the capability to comply almost all any ISTA, ASTM, GB-T, MIL-STD, ISO or company specific standards you will encounter for package, packaged systems and product testing.

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The L.A.B HV System is employed around the globe to assist its customers in meeting or exceeding; their internal vibration test requirements, vendor or supplier imposed test requirements such as Amazon Series 6, assisting customers in designing a better valued package/packaged product/product or simply as a tool in delivering a better product to their customer.

Providing a solution that ensures the intended product arrives at its ultimate destination in its intended condition, is what L.A.B customers have come to expect from us. 

For over 50 years L.A.B has been designing, manufacturing, selling and supporting HV Vibration Systems around the globe with its well trained and highly responsive partners. L.A.B Partners are located in Asia, Europe, Middle East, North and South America.

Our customers are both large and small. Fortune 100 companies as well as small manufacturers and test houses. Our customers are; medical device manufactures, pharma companies, consumer electronic companies, global appliance manufacturers, national test and compliance organizations, military and defense contractors, chemical, food and beverage companies and consumer goods companies…just to name a few.

Find out why L.A.B is the market leader in developing solutions to meet or exceed your ISTA, ISO, ASTM or Mil-Std. vibration test requirements. Read more about the HV System from L.A.B Equipment Inc, email or call us to find out more.

We look forward to becoming the solution provider you are looking for.

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Equipment Requirements for ISTA


Hydraulic Vibration(HV) Systems perform the repetitive bounce, sine sweep, resonance search and dwell, and random vibration tests that help you:

  • Design package systems that survive the distribution environment
  • Identify components susceptible to fatigue failure
  • Reduce package material costs
  • Minimize shipping damage claims
  • Cut warranty expenses
  • Comply with customer/vendor test requirements such as Amazon Series 6 as well as other ISTA test requirements
  • Deliver a BETTER product to your customer!

What Is A Hydraulic Vibration System?

  • An L.A.B. Hydraulic System is a rigid table surface supported and driven by a closed-loop servo controlled hydraulic actuator.
  • The system is capable of producing single axis vibration at controlled levels of displacement, velocity or acceleration throughout a specific range of frequencies.

Standard System Components

  • Vibration Table
  • Actuator/Piston Assembly
  • Hydraulic Power Supply
  • Hydraulic Manifold
  • Servo Valve
  • LAB Motion Controller HSC Servo Controller
  • Lynx™ Digital Vibration Control System
  • 1-G Supports (48” and Larger)

Vibration Table

  • Actuator/Piston Assembly
  • Hydraulic Power Supply
  • Hydraulic Manifold
  • Servo Valve
  • LAB Motion Controller HSC Servo Controller
  • Lynx™ Digital Vibration Control System
  • 1-G Supports (48” and Larger)




Installation of L.A.B HV Systems

As L.A.B HV Vibration systems are varied in capabilities and intended use, so will the installations. Systems being installed in Asia, the USA or Europe all will have different facility, safety and usability constraints. L.A.B Equipment will guide you through the process to make sure your installation is the best it can be.

Will will guide you through the process giving you the details you need regarding:

  • Flooring Requirements
  • Utility Requirements
  • Spacing and optimum workspace
  • Mounting the equipment
  • Safety requirements
  • Equipment and tools needed by the customer for installing and positioning the equipment

Speak with your local L.A.B partner or L.A.B Equipment directly to get the details you need for your specific equipment and installation.

Typically, customer’s will either install their HV System at floor level or in a “pit”. Depending on the facility, the size of the vibration system, the intended test payload/dimensions and how the test payload will be moved to and from the vibration table.

Examples of some of the L.A.B HV Systems over the many years. Which one is right for you?





LAB HV System with Lynx™ Controller

LAB HV System at customer’s site in Europe


For additional information or to speak with a professional, call 630-595-4288.

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